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Fishing in Weipa

Weipa is situated on a point surrounded by two huge estuaries, the Embley River to the south and Mission River to the north. Also to the north is another large river system – the Pine.

Weipa Fishing competition
Weipa Fishing competition

Barramundi is the species most sought after by fishers but other species to catch include mangrove jack, fingermark, threadfin salmon, estuary cod, grunter, queenfish, trevally and pikey bream. Much of the local fishing is done using live baits such as mullet or garfish while others prefer to cast lures or flies.

The area has two main seasons, the wet which extends from late November to April and the dry from April until the first storms of the wet which usually come in November. Monsoon winds blow intermittently from the north west in the wet season causing rough conditions along the beaches and offshore interspersed with calmer periods.

Weipa’s inshore beaches and waters are protected from the south east trade winds that blow in the dry season as these winds blow offshore, providing excellent conditions for lure and bait fishing in the nearby Gulf of Carpenteria waters.

Sportfishing for pelagic species such as tuna, mackerel, cobia, trevally and queenfish is proving extremely popular while the reef areas produce coral trout, fingermark, sweetlip, trevally, cod and black jewfish.

A catch and release attitude is encouraged to ensure Weipa retains its legendary fishing status for many years to come.

Boat Ramps:

Evans Landing (next to fuel wharf): all tide cement 2 lane boat ramp

Rocky Point: Single lane cement, not to be used when tide height is past 1 meter

Andoom Creek: Gravel ramp accessible all tide. Located on north western side of Andoom Creek bridge

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