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Aboriginal culture - Cape York Peninsula

Cape York Peninsula is noted for the strong, rich culture of the Aboriginal people and their Islander neighbours of the Torres Strait. Vibrant and diverse, this region offers opportunities to absorb and connect with the ancient rhythms of this ancient land and people.
Aboriginal culture - Cape York Peninsula

Aboriginal children

Aboriginal history on the Cape dates back tens of thousands of years and, at the time of European invasion, the region consisted of forty-three tribal nations, each with its own language and traditional practices. Although many of the languages have now been lost, Traditional Owners still exist for the whole of the Cape, and an estimated ten languages and possibly hundreds of dialects continue to be spoken.

Today, Aboriginal communities are dotted over the Peninsula, with diverse histories, cultures and languages. Camping is usually available at the communities, but you should first contact the relevant Aboriginal Council for information and permission to enter the community.

Some of the highlights are:

The Art Centre at Lockhart River is home to the internationally-acclaimed Lockhart Art Gang whose members exhibit their works world-wide.

Aurukun artists are famous for their wonderful carvings and basket work. 

Pormpuraaw has a very well-established crocodile farm and excellent art centre. Camping is available in the area.

Weipa has an lovely Cultural Centre and watch out for work by the Western Cape Artists who are well known and very active in this region.

The Northern Peninsula Art Centre is based in New Mapoon and offers a selection of Aboriginal art works. 

Thursday Island has the acclaimed Gab Titui Cultural Centre displaying artifacts and local art.