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Quinkan Galleries

Famous for its rock art, Quinkan Country contains a large and dramatic body of prehistoric rock paintings. These galleries have been identified as being at least 15,000 to 30,000years old and have been included on the Australian Heritage Estate and listed by UNESCO as being among the top 10 rock art sites in the world
Quinkan Galleries

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The Quinkan Galleries are a worldwide renowned Site and can be accessed only by a guided Tour. The Site consists of five clustered shelters each depicting their own story and occupation deposits. The final Cave contains the Quinkan family with the tallest Quinkan painting recorded at 3050mm.

This is a special site and our Indigenous Guides interpret the cultural significance of this site with passion and respect.

The Tour takes approx 2-3 hours and can be booked at the Quinkan Cultural Centre Laura 07 4060 3457. 

Tours are usually available from late March till early December and can be adjusted as required to visit one, all or some of these spectacular sites. All tours are with local experienced Indigenous Guides utilising the Centre's 4WD vehicle. Tours may be booked in advance or allow 1 hour to organise on request.

Please ensure you have adequate water, hat, sunscreen and sturdy footwear.