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Rat Stew

Cook’s main aim was to ensure the health of his men on the Endeavour and scurvy was rampant on long sea voyages. Fresh water and stores were obtained as often as possible. Cook’s made do with whatever delicacies were at hand with sailors often dining on fish, albatross, dog, monkey, jellyfish and otter to name a few.

The following recipe was served to the men in Hawaii and is offered for your gastronomic delight -

Stewed Rat

First catch your rat, kill it and singe over a flame to rid the skin of any fur.

Remove the tips of the paws to remove the claws.

Wash the body in water and gut, setting the entrails aside.

Stamp the rat in a stone mortar till the bones are well crushed and if you see them, throw away the teeth.

Place the mush in a goodly pint of boiling water and stir in such flavourings as nutmeg, black pepper and vinegar.

Wash well the entrails, then cut finely and crush all this in salt water to give flavour and add to the mix.

Gently simmer over a low fire for 1 hour. Stir in stale bread and serve.

Bon Appetit!

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