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Music From My Soul - Free Concert

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    Sep 02, 2018
    from 02:00 am to 05:00 am

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    Cooktown - Natures Power House

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"Raw, Passionate, and Emotive" Original songs by Aboriginal Musician Jon Vea Vea

Introducing Jon Vea Vea

Jon is a descendant of the Cobble Cobble Clan on his Grandfather's side. His traditional lands stretch across the vast Southeast basin around the Dalby, Warra, Jimbour, chinchilla area of the Darling Downs in Queensland Australia. Jon was born and bred on Fraser Coast and still lives there today. He worked for many years in Queensland Railways, and later ATSI Legal Services. Coming from a musical family, Jon began performing in public from a young age.

The lyrics were inspired by real experiences in Jon’s life. He invites audiences to enter into a heartfelt conversation about the universal pain and challenges we all face.

Music From My Soul

Touring Regional Communities Across Queensland;

You can also catch Jon Vea Vea preforming  

29 August - Mungalla Cattie Station near Ingham, 5.30 pm
30 August - Varrabah Aboriginal Community, 10.30am

02 September - Kindred Cafe Cooktown Botanic Gardens, 2:00 pm
03 September - Hopevaie Aboriginal Community 10:00 am
04 September - Wuial Wuial Aboriginal Community, 5:00 pm
07 September - Paim island Aboriginal Community, 10.45 am
09 September - Foyer World Theatre Charters Towers, 2.30 pm
11 September - Emerald Public Library Park, 10.30am
12 September - Wuorabinda Aboriginal Community, 6:00 pm
14 September - Cania Gorge Tourist Retreat, 5:00 pm
18 September - Cherbourg Aboriginal Community, 10.30am
19 September - Maryborough Public Library, 1:00 pm