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Aboriginal Culture - Rainforest Coast

Yalada! Welcome to Yalanji country! The area around Rossville, Bloomfield, Ayton and Wujal Wujal is part of the Kuku Yalanji nation, which stretches south from the River Annan near Cooktown.

Bloomfield FallsThese villages are on The Bama Way, which follows the coast road from north of Cairns to beyond Cooktown. This is a journey along story-lines, through coastal mangroves, rich rainforest and hilltop Savannah. The word Bama (pronounced Bumma) is widely used throughout Cape York to mean an Aboriginal person, but in Kuku Yalanji, the word simply means ‘person’ regardless of nationality or race.

Most of the Aboriginal people in this area live in the small community of Wujal Wujal, which was established in 1960 alongside the beautiful Bloomfield River. The community, which takes its name from the nearby Bloomfield Falls, has modern infrastructure now, but Yalanji lores and customs are still practiced.

Although you can visit the Falls on your own, this is considered disrespectful by its traditional custodians, and it’s highly recommended that you take the half-hour tour offered by the Walker Family. They are members of the Nyungkul clan, whose traditional lands are part of the beautiful World Heritage rainforest area which encompass the Falls. It is also an opportunity to see the Falls through their eyes, and to learn about the cultural significance of this area.

Wujul Wujul Aboriginal Community welcomes visitors, but please do not take photographs without prior permission. There is a beautiful art gallery and cafe located just near the Bloomfield Falls. Visit their website for further information. 

Walker Family Tours Bloomfield Falls Tours depart daily. Departure times are flexible. Cameras welcome.