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Lockhart River Arts Centre

The Artists at the Lockhart River Arts Centre create a contemporary response to the environment, culture and traditions of this isolated Aboriginal Community through their art work expressing some of the realities of being Indigenous and the strong influences of traditional culture and values. .
Lockhart River Arts Centre

Silas Hobson’s painting “Ancestral Spirits”.

The artists have developed their own forms of expression which are very different from the art of central Australia and other parts of Australia. The art from Lockhart River promotes the identity of Aboriginal people in contemporary Australian culture and is unique to Lockhart River Arts Centre.

Lockhart River Aboriginal Community is 850 kms north of Cairns and is nestled between Quintell Beach and nearby lush lowland rain forest which boasts a bird life that draws watchers from across the world. The beach is dramatic and spectacular and features as a common thread in the artists work.

Many of the clans from this area have traditionally lived close to the beach which has and still provides an excellent source of foods. Fishing is still the most popular past time in Lockhart River.

The arts centre is an incorporated not for profit body managed by a small team of staff. From the sale of each painting 50% is paid directly to the artist who then shares their funds with the rest of their community and family.  50% is put back into supporting artists through the arts centre. The centre provides artists with canvas, paints, brushes, exhibitions, travel, workshops etc.

Artworks are on display and can be purchased from the Arts Centre and selected national and international galleries featured on the website.

Ph: 07 40607341


Lockhart River Art Centre

Lockhart River Art
Where I go fishing by Josiah Omeenyo