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Bennetts Tree Kangaroo

Bennetts Tree Kangaroo (bennettianus Dendrolagus) is one of two species of tree kangaroo to be found in Australia. This reclusive kangaroo may be spotted in trees along the Shipton’s Flat Road and Mungumby Creek area.
Bennetts Tree Kangaroo

Juvenile Bennetts tree kangaroo

There are 12 species of tree-kangaroos with 2 species, Bennett's Tree-kangaroo and Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo found in Australia. The Bennett's Tree-kangaroo inhabits the Rainforest Coast area just south of Cooktown and its range continues down the coast to the Daintree rainforests and extends inland with the rainforest. It can also be found in the sclerophyll forests on the western edges primarily along the creeks. These area's are in fact the best areas to view these amazing animals as sightings in the primary rainforest are rare due to the thick canopy.

Seeing one of these beautiful creatures is a truly amazing experience, I simply couldn't believe it the first time I saw a kangaroo staring down at me from the tree tops. The annual walk by the Cooktown bushwalkers to an area south of Cooktown well known for sightings of Australia's largest tree dwelling animal is something you must do if you are lucky enough to be visiting Cooktown at the time.